• Where can I purchase your product?

You can purchase our product online or in store, at various retailers across Canada and US. Please see Where To Buy section for details.

  • Does Simpli Home offer Warranty on its merchandise?

Yes. Simpli Home products have 1 year limited warranty. Please see the Warranty section for details.

  • What if I have received a damaged product?

If you have received your product damaged, you can easily replace it by contacting our Customer Service Department, Parts Request Section. After providing details of the condition and damage parts, we will send you the replacements at no charge. (Warranty conditions apply)

  • What should I do if I receive a product with missing parts or missing instruction manual?

If you are missing any parts, you can contact our Parts Request Department and arrange to receive any missing parts (See Parts Request Section at the Bottom of the Home Page for more details and contact information).

  • Can I buy the products directly from you?

Simpli Home products are only available through various retailers and are not sold directly. Please see Where to Buy section on where to purchase our products.

  • How can I find detailed product dimensions?

You can download the detailed product dimensions under each products page.

  • I need assembly instruction manual for my product, what is the quickest way to have it?

 If you are missing any instruction manuals, you can also download it on the website under Assembly Instruction section, as well as under each product page.

  • Are products repair covered under the warranty?

 No. We do offer replacements for missing or already damaged product based on warranty conditions, but we do not have any repair services.

  • Is assembly required for your products?

All of our wood furniture require assembly. Some of our upholstered furniture also need partial assembly.

  • How long does it take to receive a replacement for the missing or damaged part?

In the case of no unusual circumstances, the parts are usually shipped within 5 to 7 business days.